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Meet Rotary without Borders

It's not just for old men in red trousers!

Have you ever thought about joining Rotary, but then thought: not for me - it's just for old men in red trousers eating dinner together once a week, isn't it? NO!!! So What is Rotary then

In Rotary Without Borders we offer an alternative to traditional club membership. We are a group of like-minded individuals (actually we're pretty individual, too) who believe in all of the good stuff Rotary does, but who don't want to go out to dinner every week. 
Not that there's anything wrong with that approach if that's what you enjoy - and it certainly suits thousands of Rotarians. And it's not that we don't like each other! It's just that we know we can make a difference in the community without having that weekly commitment. 

We believe in making a difference

As to our ages - well, who cares? 

Rotary Zoom meeting

You can be in your twenties or thirties, or just still think that you are. As they say, age is just a number.
There is no wrong age to be a Rotarian.Top 5 Rotary Myths ExposedYou may be feeling Zoomed-out with online meetings because of the pandemic. But guess what? We may meet on Zoom, because that's how we can best communicate in our busy lives, and because we don't then have to get child-care/dog-care/anything else-care.
Being a direct member of Rotary is not about meetings, it is about actions, so you can choose how you get involved, who you network with, and where you meet.

As Direct Members of Rotary, you really do drive our agenda. So, Imagine Rotary

Rotary roject ideas
    You have a pet project in which you'd like us to be involved? Say so!
    You have an idea for something in your area to help others? Say so!
    You want to send shoes/specs/bikes/computers/whatever to people in need here or abroad? Say so!

Whatever your passions, you will find others in the Rotary network who share them - and together, we can make things happen. Bringing people together can create such momentum. Commit to as much or as little of your time and energy levels as other commitments allow.

Our message to existing Rotary clubs...

Members of traditional Rotary clubs - please do contact us at any time and let us know about your activities and projects.
Whilst we have chosen not to join existing Rotary clubs which meet in person weekly, that doesn't mean that we are in competition with you. The reverse is true - there might just be some willing hands here to give practical help at one of your events, or to help one of your projects. Just as with all club members, no promises - but it's worth contacting us by email in the first instance. (And, you never know - sometimes members of Rotary Without Borders might then decide to join your particular club - our key aim is flexibility!)

If we had to choose one word to describe our approach, it's FLEXIBLE.

Now talking of flexible, we do need you to flex that credit card a little, because we do pay a fee. It helps Rotary provide amazing services internationally, and it also gives us insurance cover for any events or activities. You know how it is, all that small print stuff which is essential nowadays. But that fee only costs £10 per month. Yes - only £10. Thought that was worth saying twice. Because we'd like to bet that you could easily spend more than that just on takeaway coffees. Or a sneaky little glass of wine in a pub. (Covid permitting, of course.)
So - no chains of office, and no having to dress super-smart to go out for an expensive meal. Unless you want to dress up, of course. We promise we won't sit in judgement of your outfit on Zoom, and some of us are firmly in the 'anything goes from the waist down and fluffy slippers and PJs or gardening gear and wellies' department. Though we would like to go out occasionally and meet up for a meal/drink/coffee/face-to-face chat if anyone would like that - a deep sigh here - again, Covid permitting.
We're busy growing Rotary Without Borders (and you can have a free trial membership), and we're sure you'll enjoy the friendship, fun, and sense of fulfilment, as we volunteer in our communities. PS - thought we'd better clear this one up: Rotary is not all men, it's not all old, and we don't really have anything against your red trousers!

Do consider joining us - send us a message HERE

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